New shipment of minerals from Brazil

We have received another shipment from Brazil, which contained not only a variety of beautiful rough stones and rough candle holders, but also more outstanding amethyst specimens. We have them prepared for you in our wholesale in Rožnov p. R., where you can take a good look at them and comfortably choose the ones suitable for you. Most of our goods is also available here on our website.

We have restocked popular rough stone candle holders; you can choose from  Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz, Aventurine  and Sodalite.   

We have also received following rough minerals in sizes L - XL, which you can buy in bulk:

Dumortierite– a rare mineral of a striking blue colour; available in a 5kg package or in 25kg package for advantageous price 8.11 €/kg*

Amazonite –  mineral with unique bluish aqua-green colours; also in 5kg package or in 25kg package for advantageous price 8.11 €/kg*

Those interested in bigger and select pieces of rough stones can choose from following freshly arrived:

Jasper polychrome - a multicoloured mineral for price from 6.08 €/kg* in advantageous 25kg package.

Sodalite - a mineral with intense blue colour and veined pattern; pieces with weight from 5 up to 40 kg for price 4.87 €/kg*

Rose Quartz –  also available in pieces with weight from 5 up to 40 kg for price 4.87 €/kg*      

Furthermore, we have received another big shipment of  outstanding amethyst butterfly wings, druse tables, geodes and druses in wide range of shapes and sizes. Find out more here. If you wish to purchase these items, we highly recommend you to visit our store, where you can choose the best piece for you.

MIX of tumbled stones is now available in advantageous 1 000 kg bulk in size 0-B1 and size XXL. Other sizes are available in 1 ton bulk only on request and with period of delivery 3 - 4 weeks.

We have also restocked polished heart palm stones  of various kinds - available from 2.43 €* per piece in bulk.

Likewise we would like to recommend you a wide range of products from silky Moroccan selenite and beautiful fossils - find out more here.


We are looking forward to your order and your visit in our store.

Now you can also follow us on INSTAGRAM, where we publish not only some newly stocked products, but also interesting shots of our mineral collection.


Best regards,

Team of Svět kamenů


*according to the current exchange rate