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Candle Holder Agate Cut Blue

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Agate is a mineral known to people thousands of years. The stone boasts charming banded lines, which are influenced by tiny little layers of cryptocrystalline quartz, chalcedony and opal in its structure. To highlight the banding of the stone, it is often dyed. Due to its attractive design, agate is popular in jewellery and amongst collectors. This piece is from Brazil.

Stone uniqueness: Brazilian agate´s colour shades are often highlighted by charming banded lines. Such design can only form thanks to the high porosity of agate and its ability to absorb liquids. Agate is often dyed with cold solutions; this process takes up to several weeks before the stone soaks up the dye. This agate has been dyed blue.

About the product: A candle holder made from agate, which has been cut and polished from the front side. There is a hole in the middle for a tea-light. The bottom part has self-adhesive silicone tips, preventing it from scratch. Each piece is an original, slightly different in size, its height ranges aproximately from 7 to 11 cm. The price is per 1 piece.

Use: The candle holder is a perfect interior decoration, as it creates a relaxing atmosphere. When lit, the candle highlights marvellous patterns and colour shades of the agate.