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Jasper Polychrome

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Jaspers are stones noted for their colour diversity. The diversity is a result of a big portion of admixtures in Jasper’s structure. They are a variety of chalcedony, which is a generic name for fibrous cryptocrystalline quartz. This piece is from Madagascar.

Polychrome Jasper uniqueness: You can recognise polychrome jasper for its charming pastel patterns, which are a result of iron pigments in their structure.

Special conditions/ treatment: There is no need for special handling with polychrome jasper.

Use: Our stones are charming interior adornments. In the exterior, they are perfect decorations for gardens. They are also suitable for mineralogist collections and exhibitions or even for further processing.

Weight of one piece: 0,5 - 1,5 kg

About the product: To process our rough stones, we use special technology, which gives each stone an unusual decorative look. Thanks to this treatment, our stones have nice, rounded shapes and smooth surface, which highlights their striking colours and patterns. We process only the best quality raw material – stones with non-standard colour or surface imperfections are removed. The stones are sold individually; however, we offer certain varieties in a 25 kg package (carton box) for an advantageous price.