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Shungite with Pyrite

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Shungite is an opaque black stone with light or high lustre and it is getting more and more popular over the world. It is a semi-mineral rock with quite a significant portion of the carbon in its structure. The name of the stone refers to a place of its origin – a Shunga village on the shore of the Lake Onega in Karelia. It is belived that shungite has the ability to purify water.

This shungite has cubic crystals of pyrite scattered on its surface. Pyrite has a charming, brass-yellow tint and a high metallic lustre, which resembles gold. Sparkling pyrite crystals uniquely stand out on the black shungite surface. The mineral comes from Brazil.

Special conditions/ treatment: We do not recommend treating shungite with any chemical detergents as it may lose its ability to clean water. The stone leaves black stains on skin and clothes.

Weight of one piece: aprox. 0.2 - 1 kg

About the product: The product is sold by weight; the price is per 1 kg.