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Amethyst/Citrine Point Box

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Amethyst is a purple gem falling into the quartz category. Its characteristic colour, whose intensity may differ, is influenced by ionizing radiation on a small admixture of iron compounds in its structure. The mineral occurs in basalts, where it forms extensive crystal infill in cavities. Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz. Due to its natural scarcity it is often made by a heat-treating of amethyst.

Points are crystals formed by erosion and desintegration of crystal aggregates (aka druses). They represent rough minerals retaining their characteristic crystal shape. They are stones in their purest form and highly popular pieces among collectors and the public.

About the product: The box contains both amethyst and citrine points. The price is per 1 box. The weight of 1 set is aproximately 3 kg and the size of the box is 275x190x52 mm. We carefully arrange our minerals into three-layered paperboard boxes; these are firm and resistant, which makes them easy to store. The boxes are wrapped into stretch cling, which prevents them from damage. Folded boxes provide a complex presentation of minerals.