About us

We are Svět kamenů (the World of Stones). We are a wholesale company with a rich family tradition – your honest partner on the gemstone market. Offering more than 3,000 types of products, we sell stones that feature both precision and quality but also quality processing and a sense of collector's passion. We have built a unique position on the Czech and European market throughout our existence – thanks to our approach and knowledge. Currently, we have more than 1,000 stores in Czechia cooperating with us and turning to us with confidence, and we successfully export to 15 EU countries.

We have over 30 years of experience in the field

We have been here since 1989, but our own story began much earlier. Collecting precious stones has become an essential part of our family tradition. Jaromír Tůma, the father of the founder of Svět kamenů, was a devoted collector all his life, and his collections became both the fundamental basis and the spiritual inspiration for future generations of the family. So what it means to you, our customers? It means just one thing - you can be sure that you cooperate with real experts who understand their craft and are ready to become your reliable supplier and consultant.

We use our rich technological experience

A passion for stones alone would not make Svět kamenů Czech number one and an important European player. Another crucial element of our enterprise is top-quality processing, well-thought-out technological procedures and a stable network of partners worldwide. Thus, our success follows from the passion for collecting and knowledge of production, practical skills, and overall expertise. 

We are proud of our unique production

We buy stones for you directly in the place where they are mined, processed and produced. Several times a year, we travel to Brazil, Hong Kong, Africa and other locations. We negotiate with our partners and carefully their product range. We focus on quality, variety and uniqueness. Our unique technology for gemstone processing is proof that we enjoy our work. At the same time, it represents a commitment to offer you genuinely original pieces. This technology is called industrial tumbling, and it allows for the excellent quality of polished stones, bringing them to a much higher level. In other words, our stones will never go unacknowledged amongst the competition

We guarantee low prices and non-stop full stock

Quality gemstones at low prices? Yes, it is possible. Thanks to the fact that we buy our stones directly in the centre of world trade, and due to our effective production processes and a stable supply network, we can afford to offer you our products at very reasonable prices. Our significant advantage over the competition is also our warehouse, which is constantly being replenished.

We sell, educate, advise

Svět kamenů is a unique shop that has criss-crossed the globe from Rožnov pod Radhoštěm in Moravia. Our mission is to be the right-hand man for our customers, to be there for them. Apart from the standard sales, we also issue promotional and educational materials and help customers build their portfolio. Alternatively, we offer consulting services in the field of precious stones' sales.

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