Complaint procedure

  • In obviously damaged shipments
  • In hidden defects (the outer packaging of the shipment was not damaged)

Upon receiving the shipment, you are obliged to check the shipment visually.

If the shipment is obviously damaged, kindly follow this procedure:

  • Indicate a brief complaint and define the damage in the delivery note (the driver will give it to you)
  • Get photo documentation – photos must be at least 640 px and in JPG or IMG. Please take a photo of the following:
    • Shipment packaging (overall view)
    • Damaged parts of the shipment package
    • Shipping label
    • Fillings and placement of the items in the packaging
    • The damaged items
  • Write down a list of damaged items according to the invoice (identical description of the items from the invoice, including the bar code) and state the number of damaged pieces.
  • During the complaint procedure (until the complaint is closed), please leave the items in the same condition they were delivered to you. This is important for a possible inspection of the shipment.
  • Kindly send the above-mentioned documents immediately (within three days at the latest) to
    -All communication takes place in written form. 

Please note that if you do not follow these instructions, there is a real risk that your complaint will not be accepted.