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Diopside Bead Faceted

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Diopside is a charming mineral with magnesium and calcium in its structure. These elements are responsible for the stone’s variable design – from colourless to striking green. Diopside’s name refers to Greek words dis and òpsè, which mean two faces. It all makes sense, because diopside changes its colour with the viewing angle. If we look at its chemical structure, diopside is a rock-forming mineral from a group of monoclinic pyroxenes.

About the product: Facets are little flat polished surfaces cut on a gemstone. These bracelets are made from round faceted beads with a unique sparkle, which makes them perfect elegant accessories. The bracelets are sold either individually or in a package with 2, 3 or 5 pieces; but usually we offer also a 50 pcs package for an advantageous price. Our bracelets with gemstones on a double rubber band are approximately 19 cm long; they are flexible and therefore adaptable to all sizes.