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Labradorite Sphere

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Labradorite is a variety of plagioclase feldspar. Its name refers to the Labrador Peninsula in Canada, where it was discovered in the eighteen century. Nowadays, most raw and processed labradorite comes from Madagascar, like this piece. Labradorite is usually colourless or grey-white to blue-grey with intense rainbow-like iridescence - that means that the colours of the stone change as the viewing angle changes.

Special conditions/ treatment: Labradorite is fragile but stable against some chemicals. We recommend that you ask an expert before applying a chemical on the stone.

About the product: Labradorite is cut and polished into a sphere. The product is sold by weight; the price is per 1 kg. The diameter of spheres ranges approximately between 5 and 9 cm and their weight between approx. 0.2 - 1.2 kg.