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Tanzanite AA Chips Necklace

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Tanzanite is a gemstone variety of zoisite, shading in blue-purple to blue-grey colours. This popular mineral is connected with the so-called pleochroism, which is an optical phenomenon during which you can see three different shades of the stone depending on the angle you are looking at it. There is only one deposit of this stone – in Tanzania.

If we look at its chemical structure, tanzanite belongs to a group of zoisite minerals.

About the product: The necklaces CHIPS short are made from irregular tiny gemstones on the nylon string and finishings from silver plated brass. The necklaces are sold individually or in package with 2 or 3 pieces. You can choose a package with 10 pieces for a reduced price. The necklaces are approximately 40-45 cm long.

Use: Our necklaces CHIPS short are charming jewellery. They are perfect good luck charms or accessory with healing energy.