New shipment from China & other restocked products

We have received a huge shipment of jewellery from China and we have also restocked some tumble stones, including popular fluorite. You are welcome to come and see them in our wholesale in Rožnov p. R., or place an order here on our e-shop

We have restocked JEWELLERY in the following categories:


  • Chip bracelets - over 30 varieties restocked
  • Faceted bracelets - newly angelite, moonstone pink, blue coral, carnelian, chalcedony and obsidian smoky
  • Shiny bead bracelets - newly turquoise AA and chalcedony

All bracelets are available also in advantageous bulk packages with up to 50 pcs. 

Bead strands - among others, the popular rose quartz again in stock and newly faceted tourmaline


EMA EGGS - restocked:

Round stones with matte look and polished front side.


TUMBLED STONES - restocked:


Opal Dentritic Rough - rough mineral with little black fern-like patches 

Chrysoprase Box - rough mineral of a striking green colour

In the same category you can also choose:


You can also follow us on INSTAGRAM, where we publish not only some newly stocked products, but also interesting shots of our mineral collection.

We are looking forward to your order and your visit in our store.

Best regards,

Team of Svět kamenů