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Amethyst Druse Uruquay

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Amethyst is a purple gem from the quartz family. Its characteristic colour, whose intensity may differ, is influenced by ionizing radiation on a small admixture of iron compounds. The mineral occurs in basalts, where it forms large crystal fillings of cavities.

Druses are aggregates of crystals on the surface of a rock or mineral. These amethyst druses come from the Artigas department in Uruguay, which is a location characteristic for amethysts with calcite formations growing on the surface of their crystals. In general, Uruguayan amethysts are typical for their stalactite growths and a dark purple colour.

Use: These stones represent a charming interior decoration as well as a valuable piece of a mineralogical collection.

About the product: The product is available only in a 15 kg package for an advantageous price (cardboard box with minerals wrapped in paper). The size of the druses ranges approximately from 4 to 12 cm. Due to the nature of the product, only pallet shipping is available.