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Fluorite Rainbow AA

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Rainbow fluorite, aka calcium fluoride, is a widespread mineral which forms mainly in hydrothermal veins. It is a very fragile stone requiring special treatment; it needs to be polished manually because standard tumble machines would break it. Fluorite catches one’s eye with its astonishing colour palette. There are shades of green, blue, purple, pink or even yellow; in places it may be colourless and translucent. Its colours often alternate in zones, making fluorite even more popular among collectors.

Special conditions/ treatment: Rainbow fluorite is extremely prone to all kinds of damage, a temperature shock can cause it to crack. Also, do not put the stone on the direct sunlight and avoid cleaning it with chemical detergents.

About the product: Fluorite has been smoothed out into a round flat shape. We sell smooth stones in 1 kg package; however some of them are available also in 0,5 and 0,25 kg variant.