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Onyx Matt Bead Faceted

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Onyx is a rare, black or black-white mineral with banded lines. Its deposits are in India and Brazil, but since the stone is hard to find in its natural form, it is often substituted with dyed agates. However, in the long history of onyx (it was popular in ancient times), people used it for engraved gems (small engravings in hard material) and intaglios (gems with a design cut deep in the surface of the stone). Rings and amulets made from onyx served as seals. The raw material is from Brazil.

If we look at its chemical structure, onyx is a variety of chalcedony, which is a general name for fibrous, cryptocrystalline quartz.

About the product: The faceted bracelets are made from round gemstone beads with a beautiful cut and a high lustre. Diameter is from 4 mm. The bracelets are sold either individually or in a package with 2, 3 or 5 pieces. You can choose a package for a reduced price. The bracelets are 19 cm long.