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Vanadinite M12

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Vanadinite is a remarkable mineral which forms striking bright-red and orange crystals - these may be stubby hexagonal or pyramidal. If look at the chemical structure, it is lead chloro-vanadate and it is found only in arid regions. This vanadinite comes from the area of Mibladen in Morocco. The box contains vanadinite on mineral baryte (barium sulphate) - its white crested surface contrasts nicely with red vanadinite crystals scattered over it - and vanadinite on matrix. It may contain also some pieces of pure baryte.

FOLDED BOXES – M12: Minerals, raw and tumbled stones carefully arranged in three-layered paperboard boxes. Boxes are firm, resistant and easy to store. Inside, each box is equipped with a white plastic insert, which highlights their charming natural look.

Use: Boxes were fashioned to allow a complex presentation of our minerals and facilitate their retail sale in market stalls and shops.

About the product: Each M-12 box has twelve plastic windows. The size of the stones is approximately 3-4 cm. The box is packed into a transparent stretch cling, which prevents it from damage.

Size: 195 x 135 x 30 mm

Weight: approx. 0.2 kg