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Thulite is a manganese-bearing variety of the mineral zoisite. It comes from Norway, where Thulite is the national stone ("Thule" is the ancient name of Scandinavia). Thulite has most often bright pink to dark pink colour. The most famous site is located near town Leksvik in Norway, but thulite can be also found in Australia or South Africa. Our thulite comes from the last mentioned.

Stones´s uniqueness: Thulite has distinktive rosy pink colour, which is caused by admixtures of manganese.

Special conditions/ treatment: We do not recommend cleaning it with chemical detergents.

Package weight: 1 and 25 kg

About the product: Small chips of rough stones have size approx. 7 - 15 mm. The minerals are sold in 1 kg bags, but we also offer a 25 kg package (carton box) for an advantageous price.