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Agate Half Cut Base Red

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Agate is a mineral formed by tiny little layers of cryptocrystalline quartz, chalcedony and opal. The product represents a rough piece of agate cut in half; the front side has been polished and the bottom side has been cut and smoothed out in order to make stone stand solidly. Thanks to this treatment, the unique patterns and regular banded lines typical for this agate can stand out. Some varieties also have tiny cavities filled with little crystals of quartz. Our agates are from large mines in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.

The intensity of agate patterns is often boosted by dyeing. Agates are porous and have good ability to absorb liquids. During the dyeing process, the liquid soaks into individual layers of agate according to the level of their porosity. These agates are red dyed; their red colour is a result of iron oxides' absorption followed by a heat-treating.

Use: Agate with cut base can be a charming interior decoration or an original paperweight.

About the product: Agates with cut base are sold by weight; the price is per 1 kg. In B quality we offer a 25 kg package for an advantageous price. The weight of one piece ranges between approx. 0.1 and 0.5 kg.