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Amethyst/Citrine Druse on Metal Stand

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Amethyst is a unique purple mineral falling into the quartz category. Its characteristic colour may differ in intensity, which is influenced by ionizing radiation on a small admixture of iron compounds in the stone's structure. The mineral occurs in basalts, where it forms extensive crystal infill of cavities.

Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz. Due to its natural scarcity it is often made by a heat-treating of amethyst.

Druses are aggregates of crystals on the surface of a rock or mineral. Amethyst druses come from two deposits; druses with bigger and brighter crystals are from Brazil, while those with tiny, deep purple crystals are from the Artigas department in Uruguay. Citrine druses are made by heat-treating of amethyst druses and they come from the the state Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Within this product we offer both amethys and citrine druses (you can specify your preferences in the note).

Use: Druses on metal stand represent a charming interior decoration as well as a valuable piece of a mineralogical collection.

About the product: The product is sold by weight; the price is per 1 kg. The weight of the product includes its metal stand. Due to the nature of the product, only pallet shipping is available.