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Chrysocolla Malachite Box

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Chrysocolla is quite a rare mineral found in Peruvian copper mines. If we look at its chemical structure, it is hydrated copper phyllosilicate. It usually forms green-blue kidney or speleothem aggregates. Chrysocolla is noted for its sharp green-blue colour and it often occurs together with malachite. These stones represents outstanding natural combination of chrysocolla with striking green malachite.

About the product: We carefully arrange our minerals into three-layered paperboard boxes. These are firm and resistant, which makes them easy to store. Folded boxes provide a complex presentation of our minerals. The size of each box is 275x190x50 mm, and the weight is around 1.6 to 1.8 kg. The average size of stones is aproximately 4 to 7 cm. The boxes are wrapped into stretch cling, which prevents them from damage.