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Smoky Quartz Point M12

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Smoky quartz is a specific variety of quartz with admixtures of aluminium and iron. These admixtures (and sometimes also irradiation) are responsible for smoky quartz’s colour. Smoky quartz has a smoky brown colour and it varies from dark, semitrasparent to translucent. Sometimes, the colour can be patchy or “cloud-like”. The deposits are located in the Alps, Czechia or in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil, which is where our stones are from.

Points are pointy crystals formed by erosion and desintegration of crystal aggregates (aka druses). The minerals are rough, retaining their characteristic crystal shape.

FOLDED BOXES – M12: Boxes are firm, resistant and easy to store. Inside, each box is equipped with white plastic insert, which protects the stones from damage and highlights their charming natural look. Boxes were fashioned to allow a complex presentation of our minerals and facilitate their retail sale in market stalls and shops. M-12 boxes are suitable for the sale of smaller minerals, raw and tumbled stones up to 4 cm.

About the product: Size of the box is 195x135x30 mm; each of its 12 plastic windows contains a mineral with size approx. 3 - 4 cm.