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Tiger`s Eye Multicolor

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Multicolor tiger’s eye is a special variety combining eagle’s eye with tiger’s eye. Tiger’s eye is formed by a several centimetre-thick vein, which is hidden in a brown quartzite. To reach to it, a large portion of the parent rock must be mined before tiger’s eye appears. This variety occurs only in a few deposits in the world. The most famous one is in the Doorn Mountains in South Africa, which is where this piece is from.

Stone´s uniqueness: You can recognise multicolour tiger’s eye for its alternating blue (the eagle’s eye) and green (the tiger’s eye) bands, which make this stone perfect for jewellery and statuettes’ production.

Special conditions/ treatment: There is no need for special handling with multicolour tiger’s eye.

About the product: The product is packed in firm plastic bags.