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Fluorite Rainbow Sphere

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Rainbow fluorite is a very fragile and fissile stone requiring special treatment. It needs to be tumbled and polished manually because standard tumble machines would break it. This piece is from Sichuan Province in China.

Rainbow fluorite uniqueness: As you have probably noticed from its name, this stone catches one’s eye with its astonishing colour palette. There are shades of purple, green and white, which often alternate in zones, making rainbow fluorite popular among collectors.

Special conditions/ treatment: Rainbow fluorite is extremely prone to all kinds of damage. A single contact with hot water means a temperature shock and the stone cracks. Also, do not put the stone on the direct sunlight or clean it with chemical detergents.

About the product: The spheres diameter ranges aprox. from 30 to 70 mm, and their weight approx from 80 to 700 g. The product is sold by weight; the price is per 1 kg.