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Hematite Heart Pendant

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Hematite stands out for its metallic lustre, various shapes and a striking design, making it popular in jewellery. However, it has been rather tricky to obtain hematite for jewellery because of the highly automatised mining. This type of mining makes it impossible to divide quality material from the one used for industrial purposes. That is why, regardless of its quality, all hematite ends up in furnaces. If we look at its chemical structure, hematite is a high-quality ore with up to 70% of iron.

About the product: To make pendants we use small polished gemstone hearts and quality jewelry components made in Czech republic. The locket bail is made of silver plated brass and it does not contain nickel. We offer heart pendants in size 15 or 20 mm - 15 mm heart pendants are sold by 10 pieces and 20 mm ones by 5 pieces. For both variants we offer a 50 pcs package for an advantageous price.