New products from Morocco

We would like to inform you about our new products which have recently come from Morocco and are now available for purchase in our wholesale in Rožnov p. R. and on the website. We have stocked a variety of new products made from silky white selenite and also some new Moroccan fossils.

We introduce a new variety of rough selenite lamps with cylindrical shape, which are available in two sizes: Selenite Lamp Cylinder 30 cm and Selenite Lamp Cylinder 40 cm. Furthermore, we have now available this outstanding Selenit Tower Lamp in bigger size - Selenite Lamp Tower 40 cm.

We have also restocked Rough Selenite Candle Holders for 6.54€/pcs* 

Another new selenite products are:

Selenite Tower little towers from selenite available in 3 sizes; with possibility to purchase a bulk package for an advantageous price from 1.14€ per piece* 

Selenite Sphere - likewise available in 3 sizes and with an advantageous price for bulk packages (from 1.43€/pcs)* 

Selenite Massage Point and Selenite Massage Wand - both products available in a bulk package for an advantageous price 2.04€ per piece*

In the category Fossils we introduce following new products:

Orthoceras Plaque and Ammonite Orthoceras Plaque - unique fossiles of extinct sea animals orthoceras and ammonite on a sedimentary rock.

Furthermore, we have newly restocked individual fossils of OrthocerasTrilobite fossilesShark Teeth and Shark Teeth in Matrix.

We would be happy to welcome you in our wholesale in Rožnov p.R., where you can see and choose our products personally. All products you will find also on our website

Now you can also follow us on INSTAGRAM, where we publish not only some newly stocked products, but also interesting shots from our company and our mineral collection.


Kind regards

Team of Svět kamenů