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Agate Slice Red

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Agate is a mineral occuring in various colours. It is formed by tiny little layers of cryptocrystalline quartz, chalcedony and opal. This structure creates marvellous banded lines, whose intensity can be boosted by dyeing.

Agates are minerals with a good ability to absorb liquids. During the dyeing process, the liquid soaks into individual layers of agate according to the level of their porosity. These agate slices have shades of red colour, which is a result of iron oxides' absorption followed by a heat-treating.

Use: Agate slices are suitable for stained-glass production; they can be embedded in metal and wood or used as a decoration on their own.

About the product: We offer agate slices in sizes 000 - 4. The product is available in various bulk packages. Individual slices are available for purchase only in our store.