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Dioptase in Quartz

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Dioptase is a very rare mineral, distinctive for its brightly green colour which varies from emerald green to bluish-green. If we look on its chemical structure, dioptase is a hydrous copper silicate. It forms tiny translucent crystals, which are mosty double terminated. Most famous sites are located in Kazachstan and Africa.

Special conditions/ treatment: Dioptase crystals are generally fragile and can easily break or crumble, and therefore care must be exercised when handling specimens.

Use: Our rough stones are a beautiful interior adornment – filling up a vase, fountain or a lamp with them creates an original design. In the exterior, they may be a perfect decoration of gardens. They are also suitable for mineralogist collections and exhibitions. Rough minerals may also be further processed, e.g. small crystals are ideal material for pendants.

About the product: Small chips of rough stones have size approx. 7 - 15 mm. To retain the standard colour and quality of the minerals, we carefully pick the best pieces and clean them. The minerals are sold in 5 kg bags, but we also offer a 25 kg package (carton box) for an advantageous price.