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Fluorite Yellow AA

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Yellow fluorite is a very fragile and fissile stone requiring special treatment. It needs to be tumbled and polished manually because standard tumble machines would break it. Quality, raw yellow fluorite is from an area on Mongolia-China border.

Stone´s uniqueness: This stone stands out with its yellow shades. In the past, people considered the yellow colour a result of the small admixture of iron compounds. New research, however, attributes the colour to the defects in the structure of the crystal. Most of yellow fluorites are translucent, and only sometimes a transparent, gem-quality piece pops up at the market.

Special conditions/ treatment: Yellow fluorite is extremely prone to all kinds of damage. A single contact with hot water means a temperature shock and the stone cracks. Also, do not put the stone on the direct sunlight or clean it with chemical detergents.

About the product: Fluorite has been smoothed out into a round flat shape. We sell smooth stones in 1 kg package, but some of them are available also in 0,5 and 0,25 kg variant.