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Amethyst Point Bahia

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Amethyst is a purple gem falling into the quartz category. Its characteristic colour, whose intensity may differ, is influenced by ionizing radiation on a small admixture of iron compounds in its structure. The mineral occurs in basalts, where it forms extensive crystal infill in cavities.

Points are big long crystals formed by erosion and desintegration of crystal aggregates (aka druses). These amethyst points are from the Bahía state in Brazil. Amethyst deposits are stored there a hundred metres deep in the ground and the extraction is very difficult.

Use: Amethyst points can be charming interior decorations as well as valuable pieces of your mineralogical collection.

About the product: This product is available only in a 20 kg package for a advantageous price. The weight of a box is approximately 20 kg - you will be charged the actual weight. Points are wrapped in paper. Due to the nature of the product, only pallet shipping is available.