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Rock Crystal with Inclusions

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Crystal is the most favourite mineral, known to people since ancient times. It is the purest variety of crystallized quartz. You can often find it in fractures of some sediments, crystalline slate or pegmatite cavities. It has been used for ages – people have been transforming this stone not only into jewellery but also in tools and cult objects. Nowadays, Crystal plays a significant role in optics and electronics. Crystal occurs in many deposits all over the world, but the most famous are the sites in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Stone´s uniqueness: This rock crystal contains inclusions - other minerals "trapped" inside the stone - it may be carbonates, mica, hematite, rutile, graphite, chlorite, sulphide and others. Inclusions in the crystal influence the stone´s colour – hematite colours it red, graphite black, rutile gold and stones with chlorite get green shades. These pieces come from Brazil.

Special conditions/ treatment: There is no need for special handling with crystal.

About the product: The product is packed in firm plastic bags.