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Tiger´s Eye Multicolor AA

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Tiger’s eye is quartz with fibres of crocidolite asbestos growing in its structure. The stone is formed by a several centimetre-thick vein hidden in a brown quartzite. To reach tiger’s eye, a large portion of the parent rock must be mined first – only then tiger’s eye unveils.

Tiger’s Eye uniqueness: Tiger’s eye is famous for its goldish yellow to yellow-brown colour and a silk lustre. Tiger´s eye multicolor represents a blend of tiger´s eye and blue tiger´s eye. You can recognise it for its alternating blueish and greenish bands.

About the product: The stone has been smoothed out into a round flat shape. We sell smooth stones in 1 kg package; however some of them are available also in 0,5 and 0,25 kg variant.