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Limnoquartzite Tumbled Pendant

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Limnoquartzite is a freshwater silica rock formed by a variety of opal or quartz. The name refers to the words limnický (which means lake, freshwater) and quartzite (siliceous rock). They occur in deposits with thermal waters. This piece is from Slovakia. Limnoquartzite´s brown colour is influenced by iron hydroxides, which are formed by the decomposition of microscopic grains of pyrite, scattered in the surrounding rock. The most beautiful Slovak pieces are from Banské in the Slanské Hills, Slovakia. Limnoquartzite is considered a precious stone thanks to its colour and structure.

About the product: To make pendants we use our tumbled stones in size M and S and quality jewelry components made in Czech republic. The locket bail is made of silver plated brass and it does not contain nickel. The pendants are packed in plastic bags with 10 pieces each, but you can also choose a 100 pcs package for and advantagenous price. Pendants in size S are available only in bulk package.