Shipment from Uruguay & other news

We would like to let you know about a new shipment from Uruguay and our other new and restocked items. You are welcome to come and see them in our wholesale in Rožnov p. R., or place an order on our e-shop.

From URUGUAY have arrived beautiful Amethyst druses with cut base. They are available individually for 20.30/kg* or newly also in 20kg package for a reduced price 14,61€/kg*. We have also restocked 20kg boxes with amethyst druses for an advantageous price 8,12€/kg *- available in two variants: smaller druses 0.3 - 1.5 kg and bigger ones 1.5 - 3 kg.



Tumbled stones CHIPS: Citrine  - available in size 8-12 mm

Palm stones - e.g. Rose quartzOpaliteTourmaline Schorl or newly also Lava.



Obelisk Points Lapis Lazuli and Ruby in Zoisite - outstanding polished points cut from minerals with striking colours

Smoky quartz cut shapes - next to rock crystal and rose quartz we have now available also smoky quartz cut into various irregular shapes

Popular Amethyst cut points and Fluorite rainbow point obelisk are now again in stock.



Fluorite Rainbow AA - rough pieces of the popular mineral in a very good quality with striking green and blue colors

We are continuously adding more varieties in size L and S/M into the category Minerals in bulk; for instance Apatiteor Shattuckite. Some raw minerals are available also in advantageous 25kg paper box, e.g. Smoky quartz points,Dendritic opal or Shungite.

Mineral chips: ApatiteAventurineChrysocolla Malachite and Shattuckite have been added into this new category, others will follow. Some varieties are available in advantageous 25kg package.


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Best regards,

Team of Svět kamenů


*according to the current exchange rate