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Jasper Dalmatian

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Jaspers are stones shading in an array of colours thanks to a wide range of admixtures. This piece is from South Africa, a rich source of jaspers of all possible colours and varieties. The stone is, in fact, another variety of chalcedony (a generic name for fibrous cryptocrystalline quartz).

Stone´s uniqueness: Dalmatian jasper is captivating for its opaque, grey to yellowish structure with black dots - these are partly a result of black oxides of manganese. You might have guessed it correctly that the name refers to the dog from the famous film.

Special conditions/ treatment: There is no need for special handling with dalmatian jasper.

About the product: Jasper has been smoothed out into a round flat shape. We sell smooth stones in 1 kg package; however some of them are available also in 0,5 and 0,25 kg variant.