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Moonstone MIX

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The name white moonstone refers to a milky variety of adularia quartz feldspar (or sanidine, rarely albite). It is a national stone of Sri Lanka, where it is quite common. However, this piece is from India.

White Moonstone uniqueness: White moonstone is noted for its light gloss, which intensifies with the right cut of the stone. Its slightly blue, Moon gleam is influenced by delicate layers and inclusions of the stone.

Special conditions/ treatment: White moonstone is stable against some acids. Please, ask an expert before cleaning it or do as you would with feldspars.

Use: Mini tumbled stones (chips) are used for the production of various decorative items and ornamental mosaics. Size up to 5 mm is also suitable as filling for small glass bottles.

About the product: We offer this product in 1 kg or 5 kg package; some "chips" are available in both variants. The product is packed in firm plastic bags.