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Rock Crystal with Tourmaline B

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Rock crystal is a widely popular precious stone, which has been known since ancient times. In the past, it was used mainly for tool and cult objects making. Nowadays, rock crystal plays a significant role not only in jewellery, but also in optics and electronics.

Rock crystal is the purest, limpid variety of crystalline quartz. Under certain conditions, when there is a change in acidity, oxygen partial pressure, carbon dioxide content or the concentration of hydrothermal solutions, other minerals form inside the crystal mass. We call these minerals “trapped” inside the crystal inclusions. This Rock Crystal contains tourmaline.

Uniqueness of the stone: Rock crystal with turmaline is hidden in deposits with high boron concentration. The stones are usually black shorl or brown dravite – tourmaline varieties. In rare occasions, we can find colour varieties like rubellite (pinkish-red), verdelite (green) and indicolite (blue).

Special conditions/ treatment: There is no need for special handling with crystal with turmaline.

About the product: The B quality of the product is below the standard (A) quality. The product is packed in firm plastic bags.