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Calcite Orchid

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Calcite is a very delicate and soft stone, which is amongst the most widespread minerals on Earth. There are countless colour variations, depending on the number of admixtures and inclusions in its structure. Our orchid calcite is from Brazil.

Orchid calcite uniqueness: The characteristic brown-orange shades, which are typical for this mineral, make it highly popular. It is because, in calcite, orange is a relatively rare colour.

Package weight: 1 and 2 kg

About the product: To retain the standard colour and quality of the minerals, we carefully pick the best pieces that go in the package and thoroughly clean them. The minerals are sold in a 1 or 2 kg bags. You can get some varieties in a 25 kg package (carton box) for an advantageous price. The categories differ in sizes of the stones. If you choose a 1 kg bag, you will get stones in size M, L to XL. With the 2 kg bag, you will get XXL to Jumbo stones.