Rough minerals and agate slices from Brazil

e have received another shipment from Brazil - this time with beautiful rough minerals like amethyst and citrine with striking colours. We have also restocked agate slices in B quality. In case you haven't yet visited our new spacious store in Rožnov p.R., you are very welcome to do so. Or you can make and order here in our e-shop, if it is more convenient for you.


   ●  Amethyst with captivating purple shades is now available in these variants: AmethystAmethyst ParáAmethyst Bahía and exquisite Amethyst AA, which is available in 3 sizes

   ●  Citrine with deep yellow colour - Citrine and Citrine AA in various sizes to choose from as well


   ●  Tourmaline schorl is available in varieties Tourmaline XXLTourmaline AA S/M and Tourmaline A/B. Exclusive pieces sold by weight are also available - Tourmaline AA.

All three minerals you can purchase also in a 25 kg carboard box for a reduced price

  ●  Rock crystal points: now also points in size 2 - 7 cm, points XXL and points B in size S/M


Colourful agate slices in B quality are again in stock in advantageous bulk package with 50 or 100 pieces. You can choose from redbluegreennaturpurplepink or teal

MIX of agate slices in C quality is also available.


AGATE CUT CANDLE HOLDER - red and natur variants again ready for purchase

AMETHYST DRUSE BOX - set of amethyst druses from Uruguay in a paper box again available




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We are looking forward to your order and your visit in our store.


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