Shipment of jewellery, tumbled stones & cut points

We have received a shipment of jewellery, restocking some popular items like rock crystal chip bracelet and some news - e.g. selenite bead strand. A brand new cut point from cracked crystal is also worth checking out. In case you haven't yet visited our new spacious store in Rožnov p.R., you are very welcome to do so. Or you can make and order in our e-shop, if it is more convenient for you.

Updated 20.03.:

ROUGH MINERALS IN BULK - newJasper polychromeJasper pictureChalcedony greenSardonyxGarnet grossular vesuvianite matrix, Chrysocolla Malachite B


TUMBLED BRACELETS - newAmethyst lavender in gentle purple shades


BEAD BRACELETS very charming and rare Larimar in 4 sizes is again available


CUT POINTS - outstanding new cracked rock crystal points and again in stock popular single-terminated rose quartz points


TUMBLED STONES - restockedRock crystal crackedApatiteTourmaline schorl AAASmoky quartz AAA and Amethyst/ametrine Bahia AA

TUMBLED CHIPS - newLarimar 8 - 12 mm

PALM STONES - newSmoky quartz


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We are looking forward to your order and your visit in our store.


Best regards,

Team of Svět kamenů