Tumbled dyed agates, agate halves & raw minerals from Brazil

We are happy to announce that after completing our inventory check, our wholesale store is now reopened and fully working. We are looking forward to your first visit this year! Products freshly delivered from Brazil are already prepared for you - tumbled dyed agates, polished agate halves, shungite with pyrite, emerald and others. As usual, you are welcome to visit our new spacious store in Rožnov p.R. or make an order on our e-shop.

Updated 23.01.




We have reduced the price of rough Amethyst AA and Citrine AA - both stones in beautiful intense colours





  • Shungite with pyrite - we newly offer this attractive stone with sparkling pyrite crystals which uniquely stand out on the black shungite surface
  • Emerald - a rare green mineral is again available as individual specimens sold on weight



We have restocked the following colour variants of polished agate halves, including popular colour mixes. B quality products are available in an advantageous 25 kg package.

TUMBLED STONES - restocked



We have reduced the price of a whole variety of mini tumbled stones - such as Rose quartz Africa, Amethyst Zambia, Amethyst zebra Zambia, Amethyst rainbow zebra ZambiaAmazonite, Obsidian moccaTiger's eye, Moonstone MIX and many others.

Kinds of tumbled chips in 5 kg package, which had previously a green stripe on its label, are now newly a subject to a discount. You can browse all of our tumbled chips here.


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We are looking forward to your order and your visit in our store!


Best regards,

Team of Svět kamenů