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Chalcedony Malawi

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Chalcedony is, in fact, a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz. Depending on the type of admixtures in chalcedony, we distinguish individual varieties of this stone. The most popular ones are agate, carnelian, onyx, heliotrope and jasper. This unique, blue piece is from a site near the village Ngabu, Malawi.

Chalcedony uniqueness: This chalcedony comes in pleasant blue shade. The stone usually creates cavities and veins up to several centimetres thick, accompanied by quartz and calcite growing into the chalcedony vein. The quality of the raw chalcedony is reflected in the price of its tumbled stones. Currently, only 1% of all chalcedony is eligible for the best-quality category.

Special conditions/ treatment: Chalcedony is itself a firm and stable stone. Please, do not use chemical detergents to clean the chalcedony varieties with small calcite veins.

Use: Mini tumbled stones (chips) are used for the production of various decorative items and ornamental mosaics. Size up to 5 mm is also suitable as filling for small glass bottles.

About the product: We offer this product in 1 kg or 5 kg package; some "chips" are available in both variants. The product is packed in firm plastic bags.