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Rhodonite Peru

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Rhodonite is a charming mineral appearing to be a silicate of manganese, calcium, or other elements. It most often forms granular to solid aggregates, only rarely you can find its tabular crystals. Quality rhodonite pieces are used as decorative stones. The most valued, however, are the varieties with manganese dendrites, forming black, tree-like shapes. This piece is from Peru.

Rhodonite uniqueness: Peruvian rhodonite is a unique piece of stone. People marvel at its pink structure often accompanied by pyrite and quartz crystals.

Special conditions/ treatment: Rhodonite contains ore materials – please, do not use salt acids or other chemicals to clean the stone as it may lose its lustre.

Use: Mini tumbled stones (chips) are used for the production of various decorative items and ornamental mosaics. Size 3 - 5 mm is also suitable as filling for small glass bottles.

About the product: We offer this product in 1 kg or 5 kg package; some "chips" are available in both variants. The product is packed in firm plastic bags.