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Rock Crystal Lemurian Points

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Rock crystal is one of the most expensive and most popular gemstones, which has been known to people since ancient times. If we look at its chemical structure, it is the purest, limpid variety of crystalline quartz. It is formed by crystallisation from pure silicate hydrothermal solutions. Most often, crystal quartz forms pseudo-hexagonal crystals, which can be up to several decimetres long. Rock crystal is deposited in many localities all over the world, the most known is in the state of Minas Geraís in Brazil.

Uniqueness of the stone: Lemurian crystals are distinguished by horizontal stripes on one or more sides. The only place where these crystals are found and mined is Brazil. Points may have a mild brown or yellow shade caused by a thin layer of iron oxides.

Use: Our rough stones are a beautiful interior adornment – filling up a vase, fountain or a lamp with them creates an original design. In the exterior, they may be a perfect decoration of gardens. They are also suitable for mineralogist collections and exhibitions. Rough minerals may also be further processed, e.g. small crystals are ideal material for pendants.

Package weight: 1 and 20 kg

About the product: The points are sold in 1 kg bags. They are available in sizes S/M and L and we also offer a package of approx. weight 20 kg for an advantageous price (each box has different weight, you will be charged for the real weight).