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Selenite Crystal Rough

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Selenite is a fibrous and translucent variety of gypsum. It is one of the relatively widespread minerals formed during the drying of seawater in shallow bays and lagoons. Our selenite comes from the most famous site of this stone, which is located in Morocco, in the Mibladen region.

The uniqueness of the stone: Our selenite is milky white, semitranslucent and attracts at first sight for its silky luster. Due to its easy workability, it is widely used for the production of various decorative items.

Special conditions/ treatment: It is a mineral from the group of sulfites soluble in acids and saline solutions.

About the product: Long crystals of rough selenite are cut into pieces, which are 6, 10 and 25 centimetres long. The width of crystals is 1 - 2 cm. The package contains 5 or 8 pieces, but we also offer a bulk package with 120, 200 or 300 pieces for an advantageous price.