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Tourmaline Multicolor

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Multicolour Tourmaline is a variable mineral with many admixtures, which create individual designs of the stone. Its deposits are in USA, China, Brazil, Madagascar or Afghanistan. This piece is from Mozambique.

Multicolour Tourmaline uniqueness: It is all about the multicolour design. Multicolour tourmaline shades from striking red, pastel pink or peach shades as well as in deep emerald green, yellow or deep blue colour.

Use: Mini tumbled stones (chips) are used for the production of various decorative items and ornamental mosaics. Size 3 - 5 mm is also suitable as filling for small glass bottles.

About the product: We offer this product in 1 kg or 5 kg package; some "chips" are available in both variants. The product is packed in firm plastic bags.