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Pyrite is a highly aesthetic mineral with regular, well-visible cubic crystals, which may be several decimetres long. The mineral has a charming, brass-yellow tint and a high metallic lustre, which make it popular amongst collectors. It is also known as "fool´s gold", because it is the most common mineral mistaken for gold. You can find deposits of pyrite all over the world, but the most beautiful pieces of this mineral comes from Peru - our stones have the same origin. If we look at the chemical structure, pyrite is an iron disulfide.

Use: Our rough stones can be both charming interior adornments and decorations for gardens. They are also suitable for mineralogist collections and exhibitions, or even for further processing.

About the product: We offer rought pyrite in 3 sizes: 3-5 cm, 5-7 cm and 7-15 cm. It is available only in 25 kg package (cardboard box).