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Rock Crystal with Rutile

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Rock crystal is one of the most popular precious stones and it has been known since ancient times. It is the purest limpid variety of crystalline quartz. Under certain conditions, when there is a change in acidity, oxygen partial pressure, carbon dioxide content or the concentration of hydrothermal solutions, other minerals form inside the crystal mass. We call these minerals “trapped” inside the crystal inclusions. This piece from Brazil has inclusions of rutile.

Stone´s uniqueness: The needle-like crystals of rutile influence the colour of each stone. You can find crystals with rutile shading from silver and red-brown to gold. The golden stones are, naturally, the most desired.

Use: Mini tumbled stones (chips) are used for the production of various decorative items and ornamental mosaics. Size up to 5 mm is also suitable as filling for small glass bottles.

About the product: We offer this product in 1 kg or 5 kg package; some "chips" are available in both variants. The product is packed in firm plastic bags.